Product Description


  •  Electrical and electronic faults oft he machine are seen on the screen as a
  • Picture and warned in writing.
  •  General settings of the machine are made on a touch screen with PLC-controlled.
  •  PLC program of the machine can be loaded again with remote access in case of fault status.
  •  Working portions and belts of the machine can be disassembled and assembled easily.
  •  Machine is cleaned easily.
  •  Our machine is SOLE in its own group in Turkey.
  •  Machine is not affected by high incidence of environmental temperature change.
  •  All information of the machine is saved to memory and used all the time.
  •  The speed settings of all conveyors in the machine can be adjusted to the wanted level.
  •  Machine is learned easily and used


  •  The machine’s body and parts are made out of (304 quality) Chrome-Nickel (CRNI), rustproof metal.
  •  The machine is able to serve 6 pieces of dough at equal masses
  •  The machine slices dough that has a mass range in between 50-160 grams
  •  The machine is abie to slice and roll approximately 10,000 pieces of roll bread dough per hour
  • (hamburgerdough -10,000 pieces/ hr, sandwich dough- 7,000 pieces 1 hr)
  •  A clean atmesphere is created due to the use of little amounts of flour during the slicing of dough
  •  The amounts of flour needed can be set for the sliced dough
  •  The machine does not manually require to be oiled, the oiling system is done automatically - The slicing of dough with no pressure has its unique quality of which does not
  • fret the dough


  •  The main purpose of the rest is to take the pre-stress of the dough which is cut according to the weight.
  •  The 6-piece dough which is coming from the cutting machine is rested on the bowls.
  •  At the out of proofer, the dough is reduced to 3 and transferred to the handling section.
  •  The baskets are made of 100% polymer material, suitable for food codex. - There are 86 cassettes and 516 pieces of bowls.
  •  Maximum resting time is 5 minutes.
  •  There is a direct pass band under the resting bowls
  •  When the prooferis not used, the direct passage of the dough without interrupting is provided by using the inter-pass band.
  •  Chassis and all elements Cr-ni 304
  •  It has a PLC controlled electrical panel in itself


  •  All Cr-ni 304 stainless
  •  Shaping cushion consisting of 3 lines made of material suitable for 100% polyethylene food regulations
  •  Habasit brand conveyor belt suitable for food codex
  •  The crushing and shaping system is manually adjusted. Sensitive adjustment is possible
  •  It has a PLC controlled electrical panel in itself


  •  The machine automatically sorts all kinds of dough in the desired size of the pan and pasa (wood pan).
  •  Because of the simple settings of the machine, it automatically sorts into corrugated and flat pans
  •  If the pan orrü#t is not in the proper place, it does not automatically sort, stop, and give a warning on the screen.
  •  The pans are automatically taken to the laying bed and automatically expelled after the laying process.
  •  The dough is not laid unless the pan is empty and the system stops.
  •  If there is a power failure during the operation, the electricity will be resumed when it
  • comes.
  •  The pan enters the pavement slot automatically through the special walking bands and goes back after the production


  •  80 x 104 cm spreading unit is the maximum size of the pan.
  •  50 x 70 - 59 x 80 - 60 x 90 - 75 x 104 -All pans in sizes
  •  Easily used in units. All pans with Teflon-Aluminum or Special Coated can be used.
  •  Special Type Long Spreading Unit, can prepare 80x120
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