What equipment do you need to start an industrial-sized bakery?

What equipment do you need to start an industrial-sized bakery?

Have you always had in mind to open a bakery or own a large factory and produce a variety of bakery or patisserie products? Or do you already own an artisan or medium-sized bakery and want to expand your well-run business? This article is perfect for you because we want to give you valuable details about mass production factories. We will be giving you information about the machines you should have as an industrial-sized bakery and at what stage of production you should use these machines.

Industrial-sized bakeries and pastry are large bakeries that have the capacity to produce the most products on a daily basis. In this direction, they are bakeries that can produce between 10 thousand and 100,000 breads per day, and they are facilities that can make this production fully automatically. Of course, these large industrial bakeries do not only produce bread, because their product range is very diverse. The products in their range are as follows: bread and bread types, toast bread, pastry, bagel, rusk, cookies, etc.

So where do these bakeries with large production capacity sell their products? This type of manufacturers cannot produce at sales points, they need large factories for this. These delicious and special products produced in the factories are sent to the sales points of the manufacturer in various locations or they are sent to the sales points working with the franchise system. That's why they have so many sales points in the franchise system and this number is increasing day by day. Apart from this, they also make shipments to large markets and ensure the sales of their products.

Of course, the needs of a large factory are larger than for smaller facilities, and the biggest advantage is that all works run fully automatic and fast. Therefore, all the machines and devices that we will describe in the next phrases are very useful and necessary products of high capacity for big operations. They help you to work fully automatically in accordance with hygiene rules, help you to minimize errors and save both time and number of employees.

Thanks to all these necessary and auxiliary machines and devices, you can have your own industrial-sized commercial bakery that produces patisserie products that you have always dreamed of and allow delicious products to come out of your commercial kitchen. So, which of the most preferred products can you produce and ensure the satisfaction of your customers? You can meet the expectations of many people with different and popular products such as baguette, sandwich bread, loaf of bread, toast bread, wholewheat bread, gluten-free cookies, hamburger and multigrain bread.


One of the most important devices in a factory that produces bread and pastry products on an industrial scale is the ovens used to cook these products. While there are different types of ovens, we would like to tell you about the two types of ovens that we think are the most important and valuable for you.

Tunnel Oven

The first of these is the Tunnel Oven. This type of oven is very necessary for you to produce those delicious and unique products you intend to produce and to meet the expectations of your customers. It is especially important for big operations that produce a great mass of products, and it not only simplifies the production process, but also helps to speed it up. For the intense production of several patisserie products of big factories, this Tunnel Oven that actually is a cyclothermic oven with a conveyor system is exactly what is needed. With its stainless steel bodywork, circulation fans for a professional baking balance, low fuel usage and heat adjustments for bottom and top of baking chamber, you can decide upon this oven to fulfill your desired production.

Automatic Baking Line

This line that includes the Tubular System and the Cyclothermic System is specially produced to meet the needs of the industrial sector. By this it facilitates the baking process of the bread rolls in different decks at the same time, puts the dough into the oven with an automatic shovel that is controlled with the help of a computer system and finally takes the baked bread rolls automatically out of the oven.


Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer

The mixing process of a dough is a very critical and important step since a well mixed dough is the key point for experiencing delicious bakery and pastry products to your customers. This Spiral Mixer with a removable bowl has a stainless steel bowl, mixing arm and knife and two motors and carries the production with low noise emission feature either automatically or manually out. Another advantageous feature of the Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer is that it uses less than half time of mixing in comparison to other conventional dough mixers such as Planetary Mixers and has an independently adjustable low speed and high speed timer.

Lifting and Tilting Machine

After the mixing process of the dough is completed, the next step needs to be implemented. During this next step the mixed dough needs to be transported to the next machine, which is carried out by the Lifting and Tilting Machine. It unloads the dough from the bowl to the hopper of the dough cutting and weighing machine without being untouched by human hands. The most important features of the Lifting and Tilting Machine are the safe operation with fixed body to the ground, three different height options, a button for lifting up and down and the emergency stop button.

Dough Processing

Dough Divider

Once the dough is carefully and homogeneously mixed, it needs to be divided into specified equal pieces. This counts as a main feature in regard to producing pastry goods. The Dough Divider that has an adjustable vacuum chamber is a great support to divide the dough in prespecified pieces and prespecified weight. This machine has many advantageous features and that is why it is indispensable for an industrial-sized bakery. This essential Dough Divider with an enhanced dust isolation, adjustable flour sprinkler and the longer oil life time due to its two stage filtration helps you to simplify the dividing process and simultaneously save time.

Conic Rounder

After the dough is divided into pieces of the required size and weight, they should get that typical round shape so that the desired shape can be given to the bread in the next step. The machine that performs this stage in the best and easiest way is the Conic Rounder. The Conic Rounder will not only save you labor but also save time. While the dough is passing through the tracks surrounding the conic body, it obtains the round shape that it needs. This device with a stainless steel bodywork and accessories that is easy to move with castors, is produced for industrial-sized bakeries and industrial use.

Intermediate Proofer

Now we’re talking of a perfect machine that helps your dough that comes from the conic rounder to give the opportunity to rest. The Intermediate Proofer is used to rest dough pieces. By this easy but important step, your bakery and pastry products will receive a delicious culinary taste and therefore it is a crucial machine for your intended industrial-sized bakery. Before the final shape, whereby we talk of the typical loaf shape of the bread in this step, is given to the bread, this procedure has to take place. With the photocell inlet unit that enables an ultimate positioning of the device, the heavy dust chain system and the low power consumption, it reveals the value and importance of the machine.


The Moulder is a unique device that makes you not only impress your customers with the savory taste of your products, but will also be a delight for the eyes with its shape. For a nice typical shape, the bread rolls need to get the loaf shape. That is why this machine is great for and used for. The Moulder is designed and produced to give the dough the loaf shape before it will be put in the oven for the baking process. Positive benefits of the Moulder are the adjustable flour sprinkling unit, the stainless steel dough tumbling chain, the castors with lock mechanism and the dust collecting tray underneath the conveyor belt.

Automatic Fermentation

The Automatic Fermentation is an important step that is needed to make the dough ferment. Although the types of machines vary according to the product to be produced and the physical conditions of the factory, these devices are important for industrial-sized factories and bakeries, and as the name suggests, they are necessary for the fermentation process of the dough. After the dough is aligned over the canvas loaders, it needs to be moved inside the machine. This single-layered or multi-storeyed machine has customized dimensions according to the fermentation time and requested capacity. With its energy-saving feature thanks to the polyurethane filled panels, its automatically adjustable heat and humidity feature and manpower-saving characteristic, it is perfect for your industrial-sized bakery.

Spiral Cooling Tower

No matter if you run an artisan bakery or an industrial-sized fabric, everyone who produces bread and baked goods wants to offer their customers unique, tasty products and make them enjoy a perfect culinary experience. The Spiral Cooling Tower is an extremely valuable bakery equipment for big operations to cool down the bread and pastry goods when they come out of the oven. Before the bakery products that had to go through several procedures to get its final baked condition can be packed, it needs to cool down to the necessary heat. With its spiral construction it saves from space and the machine dimensions are calculated according to the requested fermentation time and capacity.

Auxiliary Equipment

All these stages that we have mentioned are actually essential and important stages in the baking phase of bread and patisserie goods. The dough that does not pass these stages neither becomes a finished bread nor can it affect the people who consume it with its taste. From the oven to the mixing machine, from the divider to the conic rounder, they are all important and necessary steps so that we can supply our customers with the products they desire and dream of. They enable us to be fast and effective not only to produce the products we want, but also while producing them. We save both time and manpower. With a fully automatic system, we meet the needs of many people with tens and hundreds of thousands of products in a short time. But besides these main devices, there is also a piece of equipment that supports us. This baking equipment consists of the Steam Generator, Water Cooler, Flour Shifter and Pans and Trolley Carts. The Steam Generator produces the steam and heat for the fermentation chamber while the Water Cooler is needed to cool down the water that is used for the production of the dough and keep its temperature consistent. The Flour Sifter fits perfectly to big operations (such as the food processor and cooling racks) and makes foreign substances to be removed from the flour. It purges the flour from impurities and your products will be safe from foreign substances and can be offered to your customers without any doubts. It also aerates the flour for a better mixing. The Pans and Trolley Cart is a rack with castors that is made of robust and long lasting material and helps you to load the trays to rotary ovens.

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