What equipment do you need to start an artisan - small bakery?

What equipment do you need to start an artisan - small bakery?

Who doesn't dream of a small, sweet bakery with sophisticated products such as doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette that satisfy both visually and with its taste. Whether fine bread rolls topped with tasty fresh products or a delicious piece of cake poured over with liquid warm chocolate - the selection of baked goods that you can offer in your artisan bakery is almost unlimited. This appearance in the display case of an artisan bakery does not only want you to taste the pastry goods in it, but also arouses interest in you to be the owner of your own little bakery. Producing freshly savory goods every single day and seeing your business running well, while the customers leave the shop with a smile on their faces… Sounds great, right?

Local bakeries and pastry, whose productions concentrate on daily production and accordingly produce less than medium-sized bakeries, have unique, delicious baked goods in their assortments, which are mostly kneaded by hand without resorting to overly professional machines. But how can you open a bakery and be the owner of your own business? What bakery equipment is essential for such a business to run smoothly and customers to be satisfied? In this post, we're going to help guide you with the idea of opening an artisan bakery or café and show you the best way to go. With some small tips you will stay on the safe side and recognize that it is not that hard to be the owner of your own bakery as you have thought before.

With the development of the concept of time and the fact that we can reach more diversity in every subject every day, people's expectations from a commercial bakery are increasing and they expect more than the options offered outside the classical understanding. The expectation for healthier products, different varieties and organic products is increasing day by day. Therefore, our expectations from a bakery are also changing. To satisfy these new expectations, bakeries and whoever offers pastry products are following the trend to be able to satisfy their customers needs.

The features we just mentioned are some of our expectations from today's commercial kitchens. Many bakeries are aware of these expectations and in order to meet them, they follow the trends and offer different product ranges by going beyond the usual understanding. Especially artisan bakeries make great efforts to meet these expectancy. To be able to follow these trends, you do not have to have any concerns, because with walking through the streets and tasting the offers of the competition and having a closer look at their assortment in their shops and through social media channels, you will recognize what to do and how to do to be a successful and winning owner of an artisan bakery. If you're interested in social media, you've probably seen many accounts for an artisan bakery that presents its products with a professional eye and shares engaging photos and videos. If you are thinking of opening a bakery or a coffee shop, we advise you to take a closer look at these accounts to see what great products they offer and how they present them.

Artisan bakeries and pastry offer sophisticated pastries and sweet baked goods, doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette that not only taste great, but also attract the consumer’s eye. The sophistication and great design of the baked goods on the plate is the most important point that catches the customers attention and the most important reason they keep stopping by, but also the interior design of the store. A spacious, inviting, and pleasant-looking locality is a very good reason to attract a potential customer who happens to be walking past the store. If you are trained or just talented with the ability to mix, shape and bake a handmade bread roll or sweet bakery products, then being the owner of your own business whilst doing the job you love, could be your dream job. Today artisan bakeries that especially offer handmade products, have various products in their assortments that are quite different from the ordinary. Some of these can be great alternatives for customers with food allergies or who prefer not to eat certain foods - vegan, gluten-free products and also products that can cause various allergies, such as hazelnuts, peanuts and for example almonds.

If you have the idea of opening an artisan bakery and you have been interested in this subject for a long time, we recommend you to read this article carefully. In this article, we will tell you what piece of equipment you need to be successful when opening an artisan bakery. By this, you will get great support in regard to the complex production of food and bakery products such as doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette. This will not only facilitate the needed phases but also automate and drive the production forward. Why making life difficult when it can be created easier if there is the high technology and professional techniques we can rely on?

But let us first talk about the target group you intend to serve and which products you want to offer for your valuable customers. If you've tackled these two important questions and have the answers ready, you've taken the first step. Because if you know which target group you want to serve to and what products you want to offer, you will know how much you need to produce daily and what devices you will need for this production. This will enable you a solid step forward by deciding on the answers of the questions. The first important and valuable step is always to decide first how you want to move on to be able to eliminate unnecessary questions and ideas that will only set you back in your project.


Which equipment is accurate and indispensable?


Convection Oven

Let's start with the Convection Oven, because it is one of the essential components of an artisan bakery. It is an ultimate exquisite piece of equipment for an artisan bakery and pastry that circulates hot air in the oven. The flawless heat distribution both inside and between the decks enables a more steadily backing of the products in the oven chamber. The wide glass door of the Convection Oven makes it possible to control the baking process of the pastry through the possibility of observation through it. This is the first step to delicious cookies and tasteful bread rolls with the perfect cooking time - neither too little nor too much. With its double isolation the Convection Oven supports the backing process with a superior fuel economy. This oven fits perfectly to your bakery as it simplifies and speeds up the production process of every pastry good. You will be able to realize the production of the products and to deliver the orders in a professional and productive way through the advantageous benefits of a Convection Oven. The constant and delicious way of baking will make your goods not only savory but also of high quality.

Modular Deck Oven

A Modular Deck Oven is perfect for a small artisan bakery shop or restaurant, of which the controllable decks that work independently allow to adjust the base and upper resistance’s temperatures in different ways. Due to this feature of independently controllable decks, the Modular Deck Oven makes it possible to bake different pastry goods such as doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette at the same time. Just like the Convection Type, this type of oven is also seen as the centerpiece of any artisan bakery. The difference of a Modular Deck Oven is that it uses conduction heat to bake the products in the oven which guides the heat from a hot deck to the loaf of bread and makes the heat penetrate into the dough for a well and delicious cooking of the bread crumb.

There are even further advantages of such a professional oven. The following benefits rank among the Modular Deck Oven that is needed in every proficient bakery, café or restaurant: the indirect heat transfer, heat insulation, control panels with heat and steam resistance and fuel economy.



Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer

Whether a crispy croissant or a fluffy sandwich, food has to undergo several steps to get its impeccable condition. Dough mixing of pastry is one of these important steps to preserve tasty and scrumptious products. Why not using the latest technology and inventive equipment when it is already offered to us by the successful brands that produce bakery equipment. A bread roll, a cake or a cookie is delicious when the dough is well mixed and blended. That is why an artisan bakery needs a Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer, which is perfect to make the dough mixed. This well mixed dough will be the reason why your pastry goods will taste unique and unforgettable. A Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl with different speed motors will be profitable for your business since it simultaneously saves time and labor force. In order to shorten the time of the mixing process and to get a more homogeneous dough mixture, do not turn a blind eye to the benefits and beneficial effects of a Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer that will simplify your daily business. You can use this profitable machine for both less and more dough amount in the bowl.

Planetary Mixer

This type of mixer makes it possible to get a perfect condition of an unbaked dough. This perfect condition ensures your bakery delicacies to be unforgettable and is designed to be used in bakeries, pastries and restaurants. The easy handling of the Planetary Mixer without the need of any manpower and the advantageous time-saving feature makes it to the Alpha and Omega of your kitchen. If you plan to offer more than just bread in your artisan bakery, then the Planetary Mixer works well for you. The Planetary Mixer is a versatile machine (such as the cooling rack and the food processor) that can be used for the preparation of not only bread doughs, cookie and pizza but also sauces and sugar glaze. For the choice of a Planetary Mixer for your business you have the chance to select between a different number of mixers that have various sizes, shapes and size of blades according to the size of bakery goods you want to offer and sell.

Just like the Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer, the Planetary Mixer with its reduction in labor cost, lowering the physical effort and easy and low maintenance cost is a great help for you and your business.



So for all those intending to produce and offer his/her own delicious-looking bakery products with a freshly smell, keep in mind that excellent food does not only necessitate fresh and qualitative ingredients but also the combination of expert knowledge and accurate manufacturing. Do not do without inevitable baking equipment that is required for delightful bakery goods such as bread, bagel, pizza, donut, pie and many more.

With the beautiful and wonderful patisserie products you will obtain as a result of combining the opportunities offered by high capacity technology with your tasteful production, your business can become a place frequented by your customers and you can become the boss of your own business by enjoying your successes. Making your customers happy and satisfied might be your dream for a long time but making realizing this dream and turning it to reality now, might be the perfect time for you.

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