What equipment do you need to start a medium-sized bakery?

What equipment do you need to start a medium-sized bakery?

A medium-sized bakery produces and sells around 2000 - 7000 bread rolls a day, which is more than an artisan bakery does. These medium-sized bakeries and pastry sell their products both on their own counters and in grocery stores, markets, restaurants, hotels and many more. In addition to this, they also do wholesale trade for businesses. But what exactly do they offer? Their assortments are versatile and consist of sweet bakery goods, pastries and all types of different bread rolls such as doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette. The production of a medium-sized commercial bakery does not consist of an amount as industrial-sized fabrics do but they do produce much more than small artisan bakeries.

It has always been the dream of many people, to open a bakery, to produce fresh and delicious products daily and to serve them to their customers. In short, owning your own business is everyone's dream, because the peace and happiness of doing the job that makes us happy is incomparable. In this context, if you have been living with the dream of owning your own patisserie for many years and you have decided to take the first step in this direction, we recommend you to read this article. Because when you open your own bakery, we will talk about the needs for you to sell delicious, healthy and unique products to your customers. These needs range from professional ovens to mixers and all other necessary machinery like moulders, dividers etc. These devices will both make your life easier and save you a lot of time in your daily business life. They will also top these features with its characteristic that will save you labor force. If you have lived with this dream for a long time, then do not procrastinate your dream and just dare to make the first step. Going on this process with sufficient and adequate knowledge will simplify moving forward to your dream.

In this article, where we will understand that we need to evaluate the advanced opportunities of today's technology, we will be explaining in detail all the machines that may be necessary for you and your patisserie. What do they do, what are they used for, what are the benefits they will add to you, and how necessary are they? We will be talking about all of these. In this way, you will see that opening a patisserie is not that difficult as you have feared before and how things will run smoothly with these profitable machines.


Which equipment is accurate and indispensable?


Rotary Rack Oven

Of course, one of the most important devices for anyone who wants to run and manage a medium-sized bakery is an oven with certain features. Thanks to these ovens, not only will your work become easier, but you will also save time, and you will meet your customers' orders in a timely manner and in the best quality and delicious way. One of these special ovens is the Rotary Rack Oven, because the Rotary Rack Oven is not only the perfect device for a medium-sized bakery but also pastry shops, semi-industrial bakeries and supermarket chains. The indirect heat transfer feature of the Rotary Rack Oven, which is a very important property of this type of oven, enables all those who are producing exceptional pastry goods to bake them in a fresh and healthy way. Rotary Rack Ovens have a high capacity, an improved heat insulation, a heat and steam resistant control panel, fuel economy and the door in the inside of the housing is openable. Your dream of producing excellent and savory pastry goods such as doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette will be taking place with the Rotary Rack Oven very easily.

Steam Tube Stone Hearth Oven

Another main device that ranks among ovens and is indispensable for a medium-sized bakery is the Steam Tube Stone Hearth Oven. The major feature of this type of oven is its operation with manual loaders. The Steam Tube Stone Hearth Oven is one step ahead in contrast to traditional ovens with its heat distribution both inside and between the decks. By this you can enable the satisfaction of your customers needs such as the search for healthy and delicious food and a great gastronomic variety with various pastry goods. We recommend you to not to dispense with this oven since it will be of great support and help in your bakery.

Cyclothermic Oven

Cyclothermic Ovens are characterized through their four decks, their perfect heat distribution both inside and between these decks and heat and steam resistant control panels that can be opened independently. But you may ask for what this may be good or necessary? This procedure is helpful and useful for a healthy baking of tasty pastry products thanks to the indirect heat transfer by a fan blower. Its robust welded construction, durable base stones enhanced with stainless steel frames, controllable powerful steam system for each deck will ensure you to use it for several years without any problems.

Convection Oven

The Convection Oven is designed for small and medium-sized bakeries and pastries with its stone based electric decks and is an essential part of a commercial kitchen since the flawless heat distribution enables a more steadily backing of products in the oven chamber. It simplifies and speeds up the production process of every pastry good and with its fuel economy and automatic steam system, it is an essential device for any professional business.

Modular Deck Oven

The independently controllable decks of the Modular Deck Oven enables to adjust the base and upper resistance’s temperatures in different ways. Based on this property it will be possible for you as an owner of a medium-sized bakery to bake different pastry goods such as doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguette at the same time. The Modular Deck Oven uses conduction heat for the baking process that guides the heat from a hot deck to the loaf of bread. At the same time the heat penetrates into the dough and enables a well and delicious baking of the bread crumb. Additional to this, other features of this type of oven is the indirect heat transfer, heat insulation, heat and steam resistant control panels and fuel economy.



Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer

A Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl is relevant for one of the most essential processing steps to obtain scrumptious pastry products in your medium-sized bakery business. This type of mixer makes it possible to mix and blend the dough in a homogeneous and perfect way. Do not forget that the better and nicer the dough is mixed, the more delicious and enjoyable a pastry and bakery product will turn out after the baking process. The Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer with diverse speed options needs less than half time of mixing if we compare it with conventional dough mixers and thereby will make you benefit from time and manpower. This means that the advantages of this mixer is just enormous so that it will facilitate your daily bakery business by offering a culinary delight for your customers in a very easy way.

Tilt-Over Spiral Mixer

The Tilt-Over Spiral Mixer ranks among the new generation dough mixing machines and has an independently adjustability feature that allows you to choose between low speed and high speed timers. If you compare the Tilt-Over Spiral Mixer with traditional dough mixers such as Planetary Mixers, this device is perfect to shorten the mixing time to a half and has an automatic or manual operation system available. Its bowl, mixing arm and knife consists of stainless steel, whereby the bowl can rotate to both directions according to your wish. Let your customers enjoy perfectly tasting pastries while you enjoy the time and labor saving features of this essential mixing machine. One of the most important parts of offering excellent and delicious products are not just the fresh ingredients, but also the way they are produced.


Dough Processing

Dough Divider

The next step of dough processing after a homogeneous mixing of the dough is to divide it in equal and appropriate pieces. The Dough Divider has an alterable vacuum chamber that helps to portion the dough in specified sizes and weight, which means that the dough can be cut into the requested serving sizes. Advantages of this bakery machine are the simplification of the preparation and handling process of pastry goods, its time-saving feature, enhanced dust isolation, adjustable flour sprinkler and the low oil consumption and longer oil life time due to its two stage filtration.

Conic Rounder

When the dough is well mixed and divided into its necessary portions, it has to be formed into its round shape. Therefore the Conic Rounder will be of great importance in your medium-sized bakery since it is perfect to give the dough a round shape while the dough is passing through the tracks, which surround the conic body. Its bodywork and accessories are usually of stainless steel, which enables a usage for very long years and high capacity. In addition to his, the Conic Rounder is freely movable and easy to move with castors.

Intermediate Proofer

The Intermediate Proofer is a great device for medium-sized bakeries and pastries to make your dough pieces that come from the conic rounder rest. By this it allows your customers to experience savory and delicious products. If we have to enumerate the benefits of the Intermediate Proofer, the stainless steel bodywork and accessories, the flawless positioning with photocell inlet unit, the heavy duty chain system, the manual and automatic operation and the low power consumption are its positive characteristics.


When the dough ball comes from the Intermediate Proofer, the Moulder is specially great to give the balls the typical loaf shapes. In this way the dough is given its final loaf shape, which at the end turns into a pleasure for the eyes. Just like the other devices, this device also has several advantages. The adjustable flour sprinkling unit, stainless steel dough tumbling chain, castors with lock mechanism and dust collecting tray underneath the conveyor belt makes the Moulder to a beneficial machine you will profit from many years.


Auxiliary Equipment

All the devices we have just mentioned are among the must-haves for a bakery and patisserie. All very useful and necessary products that help us maintain our daily work routine, make our daily work easier and keep our works running smoothly. Of course, apart from these, there are other useful and necessary bakery equipment that we may always need, especially for bakeries and patisseries. That is why we also want to mention this equipment, by which you will have the opportunity to make your produced pastry goods even more delicious and savory for your customers. The Fermentation Compartment, Steam Generator, Water Cooler, Flour Shifter and Pans and Trolley Carts are examples that rank among this necessary and useful piece of equipment.


The Fermentation Compartment can be described as a room that supports the fermentation of the molded dough. It is appropriate to use together with the Steam Generator which as its name already says generates the steam and heat for fermentation chambers. The Water Cooler is a baking equipment to cool down the water and keep its temperature constant that is used for the production of doughs. The Flour Sifter is a magnificent device (such as the food processor and cooling racks) that is needed to separate foreign substances from flour and to aerate it for a better dough mixing. By this, the dough will be purged from impurities and you can offer your pastry goods without any concern to your customers. The Pans and Trolley Cart is a robust and long lasting rack with castors that helps you to load the trays to rotary ovens.

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