What equipment do you need to start a bakery?

What equipment do you need to start a bakery?

The smell of a freshly baked bread roll with a crispy crust and the soft, juicy bread crumb... Who ever could resist this tasty moment or have not ever desired it? And have you ever thought about how these delicious and tasty bread rolls, cookies, cakes and cupcakes are produced? You have probably already thought about whether you might be able to run a bakery and serve people with these tasty bread rolls and the further bakery goods, right?

Some products will require standard ovens, but some will require special ovens specially made for the product you want to produce. In this article we give you precise information about the topic on which equipment you need and how the costs for it will appear. Once you have decided which fresh and delicious products you want to produce and sell when opening a bakery, we will assist you in taking the right steps and smoothly running your own business with the right bakery equipment.

Let's start with the first step - the important decision you have to make, which target group you want to serve, which product groups you want to produce in which production quantities and the determination of the type of ovens to buy that suits your budget. On this occasion we are talking about artisan, medium-sized or industrial oven types. According to your commercial kitchen type you will have to determine which oven you want to choose for a high capacity.

Thereby you also have the option of not only producing standard products that we all know in the commercialbakery, but also of serving people with different food allergies and preferences by offering a wide range of products - from vegan and gluten-free to products that don't contain any type of nuts.

List of Contents:

- Franchise

- Location

- What equipment do I need in the background?

- What equipment do I need in the foreground?

- Labor

- Bakery Café Concept

- Licenses and Permits



Of course, you can have concerns as to whether you should take this important step and, if so, whether you will succeed and you will be successful? If you want to start from scratch and concerns are strong, then you could try Franchise, right? Franchises have their advantages, because they have an already established brand, a regulated system, regular customers and in some cases they even support you with start-up costs. Still, you should be aware that a small business tends to require less capital than a bakery franchise that has established a well-known and a valuable brand. Starting a franchise business costs around 1.5 times more than to set up your own bakery. Please be aware that the expenses in the first few months are often higher than planned and the profit is usually below the envisaged and calculated amounts. It is therefore of great advantage to go through this route with a certain amount of capital in order to pay the expenses.


Selling fine products of high quality that offer culinary delight is often not enough to increase sales and to proportionally increase revenue. The location of the bakery is also of great importance, because a good location that offers a lot of passenger transport brings many customers and thus a lot of money. Let us explain you some important characteristics of a good location?

- Busy streets with a wide range of car traffic

- Lively streets with a lot of people or rather pedestrians

- Streets with a wide range of schools, work areas and also restaurants

- Neighborhoods with a large number of residents

If you follow the trends and are interested in the interior design features of a store, then you will see that it is not that difficult to attract the attention of the customers as you thought before. Imagine a shop front with a showcase that offers hearty bread, delicious biscuits and other creatively designed baked goods... It's not just hunger that attracts customers to the shop. But also visually attractive, tasty products that inspire them will pull the customers in.

Would you prefer to forego certain building-related costs and focus on an online bakery? You will of course be able to do without some costs such as rent, operating costs, electricity costs and many other aspects and save a lot of money. You will be helped by social media accounts with an eye for detail, enjoyable posts, whether photos or videos, that will draw the attention of potential customers to your products and your business. The simple ordering process with just a few quick clicks on the bakery’s website will satisfy the needs of the customers and you will concentrate on the production of your delicious baked goods.

What equipment do I need in the background?

Depending on the size of the business you want to run, the bakery equipment, machines and food processors required for the products to be produced do also change. Depending on the goal, the usage changes in accordance with artisan, medium-sized or industrial companies, but what they have in common is that you need one or more ovens for your business. Regarding this matter, we recommend that you acquire good quality equipment as it will offer better performance and allow you to produce a huge variety of baked goods in less time.

A short list of the baking equipment you will need can be found below: 

- Ovens

- Refrigerator and freezer

- Blast chiller

- Dough mixers

- Dough rounders

- Dough sheeter

- Tables and Cooling Racks

- Small kitchen utensils

- Storage

- Utility carts and loading units

- Dishwasher

- Ice machine


Certain types of ovens and piece of equipment are perfect for you as they will simplify and speed up the production of your products and allow you to fulfil your orders more efficiently. These include ovens such as Cyclothermic Oven, Modular Electric Deck Oven, Steam Tube Oven, Steam Tube Stone Hearth Oven, Convection Oven and Semi-Baked Product Oven. These ovens are characterized through perfect heat distribution both inside and between the decks. Tasty bakery products for your business are guaranteed due to the healthy way of baking. Modular electric deck ovens for example are perfect for artisan and middle size bakery shops since the independently controllable decks enable different temperatures in the base and upper resistance. Other oven features such as indirect heat transfer, improved heat insulation, heat and steam resistant control panels and fuel economy are the further advantages of professional bakery ovens we recommend you to own in your business.


In order to facilitate your everyday business, baked goods mixers as well as professional ovens come first. Planetary mixers are time-saving and also save labor force at the same time. Don’t forget that they are indispensable for a bakery. Independently adjustability between low and high speed timers will enable you to spend time whilst getting best mixed dough to make your customers experience delicious pastry without any use of manpower or effort. These machines are a great support to mix delightful doughs, cakes, cookies, croissants, macarons and baguettes.

Dough processing

Equipment like Dough Divider, Conic Dough Rounder, Intermediate Proofer and Long Moulder pertain to this category and are useful if the daily production quantities are high, though they are not necessarily needed for artisan businesses. While a Dough Divider helps to divide the dough in prespecified sizes and weight, the Conic Dough Rounder is created to give the dough a round shape and the Intermediate Proofer is used to rest dough pieces that come from the Conic Rounder. The Long Moulder whereas is helpful to give the dough the typical loaf shape we are accustomed to in bakeries and pastry.

Auxiliary equipment (Dough Sheeter)

Auxiliary equipment like Flour Sifters, Bread Slicer, Steam Generator, Dough Rolling Machines (Manual Dough Sheeter, Industrial Dough Sheeter), Water Cooler, Water Dosing, Pallet Carriage, Pans and Trolley Carts and Silo Weighing Unit will enable you to slice bread, roll doughs, cool water, ferment doughs and to do wonders in the kitchen without the need of manpower. Technology continues to improve itself and offers the chance to produce quality food products and healthy and exquisite bakery goods.

Small kitchen utensils

In addition to these professional-grade devices that are powered by electricity, you will also need other items that are also found in households and are not just intended for professional businesses. Here are just some of these:

- Muffin and cupcake pans

- Bread pans

- Cake pans

- Pie pans

- Sheet pans

- Sifters

- Rolling pins

- Spatulas

- Piping bags and many more

Utility carts and loading units

The production of bakery products is not always an easy way and requires tools that simplify, automate and push necessary baking phases forward. Utility carts and loading units help you to easily move, load and unload all products. Time is money and especially these equipments will make it possible to spend time and money.

What equipment do I need in the foreground?

Regardless of whether you plan to run an artisan, medium-sized or industrial bakery business, the equipment required in the foreground of the shop is the same for all businesses.

To give you an idea of what you may need for an equipment in the foreground of your business, here is a short description.

Display Cases

Display cases allow your customers to visualize the selection of baked goods whilst walking past the store or in the store and to simplify the selection with just a glance at the same display case. These cases seduce people with just one look and at the same time there are those available that keep your products in a cool place so that they taste fresh and like new from the oven until the end of the day.

Furnishing Objects

Not only the tasty appearance and the delicious smell of the baked goods attract the attention of customers. There are also other points to consider, which customers pay attention to and make their first step into a store. A pleasant atmosphere with attractive furnishings and comfortable seating are important reasons that pull customers in and make them stop by again and again. A store with a great amenity brings a lot of great customer photos and social media posts, which in turn comes back as fame and profit for your business.


What makes a good business is not just a remarkable quality, tasty products and a pleasant atmosphere. Even professional and competent employees, who always have a smile on their face and who do their work with a lot of joy, make up the success in a business... A professional team, which also runs business on days when you are not in the premises, and which can deal with problematic moments with professional competence, is a great advantage.

At the beginning you can start the business with a small team of maintenance staff, cashiers, accountants and of course bakers who will work honestly and reliably. A team that runs well together is the first big step towards scrumptious products, a great atmosphere, happy customers and, as a result, successful business you were dreaming of.

Bakery Café Concept

A bakery that creates exceptional and tasty products of high quality materials is of course good and promises a lot of success. But shouldn't one also follow the trends and fully exploit the potential? Today's trend is mostly based on take-away products. Especially people in big cities struggle with the times, are in a hurry and get a move on to work, school or anywhere else. Therefore, something has to be consumed in a hurry. A savory piece of cake and a savory warm coffee either take away or when you take a seat, not only makes you feel full quickly but also tastes good. The customer is happy and so are you, because you followed the trends and offered more than a normal bakery usually does.

Simply convert your commercial bakery into a type of coffee shop, offer more than just a bakery, and pull in more customers than your usual bakery would. Tasty and fresh coffees, teas, Frappés and other drinks or a larger selection of delicious baked goods will address more customers and convert these customers into steady customers. Do not only offer great baked goods and drinks, but also joy and pleasure and relish your deserved success.

If you should come to this new decision, don't forget to hire professional and competent employees in this area and provide the necessary equipment such as coffee machines or vending machines.

Licenses and Permits

It's all well and good to offer scrumptious pastry and be the owner of your own business, but of course there are aspects that need to be taken into account, like anyone who wants to start their own business. Do not miss to find out about the local laws of the country you are in and meet the necessary requirements. Make sure to get in contact with the institutions of the country you want to start your business and ensure that the machinery you want to acquire has the documents requested by your country. Get the necessary licenses and permits so that you do not experience any difficulties subsequently. You should also take care of insurance and employer tax identification numbers.

Are you concerned about coping with all the formalities on your own and missing important things? Then we recommend that you seek professional support. By this you will be on the safe side. Obtaining these papers may also entail any updates to your kitchen and store so that your store is up to date and meets the regulated standards of your locality.

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