We participated to IBATECH as we did more than 10 years which is held each 2 years.

We participated to IBATECH as we did more than 10 years which is held each 2 years.

We participated to IBATECH as we did more than 10 years which is held each 2 years. We introduced our new equipment to our customers that we modified with latest technology. We exhibited convection ovens, rotary ovens, cyclothermic and steam tube deck ovens, modular deck ovens, prebaked products oven, intermediate proofers, volumetric dough dividers, long moulders, conic rounders, tilt over soiral mixers besides automatic deck ovens, tunnel ovens and multideck fermantation units

Here you may find the specifitaions of the new products that we added to our range

Industrial Volumetrıc Dough Dividers Machine ;

  • Double piston volumetric dough dividers With adjustable vacuum chamber 40-180 gr dough can be cut
  • Low oil consumption with closed circuit lubrication
  • Enhanced dust isolation
  • Belt scraper and flour collector is standard
  • Adjustable flour sprinkler
  • Stainless steel bodywork, hopper and conveyor
  • Long oil life thanks to two stage filtration
  • Value adding design
  • Easy to move with castors
  • Optional speed invertor, piston positioning system and rounder on belt
  • Piston positioning system enables to stop the piston on discharge position automatically and prevents foreign substances get into the cylinder

BR60 Steam Tube Oven

  • Ring system steam tube ovens that can be operated with manual loaders
  • Burning chamber is built of refractory bricks
  • non-concrete side walls for ease of heat exchange
  • Fuel efficiency up to %30
  • High quality baking rivaling to traditional ovens
  • Perfect heat distribution both inside and between the decks Chimney damper control handles located at the front
  • Healthy baking with indirect heat transfer
  • Durable base stones reinforced with stainless steel frames
  • Powerful steam system that is controllable seperately for each deck with selenoid valves
  • Can be fuelled with diesel, lpg, natural gas or solid fuel
  • Value adding design
  • Secondary safety thermostat for a safer operation
  • Heat and steam resistant control panel
  • Baking canopy is standard 60 cm width double glass/metal doors on each deck
  • Ergonomic operation with 4 decks
  • Electromechanical or optional PLC control panel

Automatic Crawler Fermenter

  • Designed for big operations, ferments the dough at the requested level
  • Doughs are aligned over the canvas loaders and travels inside the machine
  • Ocuppies little room thanks to multi storey construction
  • Tailor made dimensions according to fermentation time and requested capacity
  • Can be integrated with heater, cooler and steam generator
  • Saves energy with polyurethane filled panels Enables continious supply to ovens
  • No need for racks or canvas loaders
  • Saves from labour force
  • All functions can be controlled with PLC unit

Manual Loader

  • Designed to load 3 and 4 deck stem tube or cyclothermic ovens with single operator easily
  • No need for a motor or electric connection
  • Canvas loader can be moved up and down easily with the counterweight
  • There is locking mechanism at each deck level
  • Can be lifted to the top of the oven and locked there when not used
  • Saves from labor, occupies small space
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